ATELIERS was established in Montreal in 2008, with a simple approach to designing timeless and understated fashion footwear, blending that city’s unique sense of style with European craftsmanship and expertise.  Ateliers is proudly Canadian owned and run, and stocked through various national and international retailers.  Ateliers Group footwear is Handmade in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Romania & Albania.

ROBINSON footwear is Handmade in Greece of 100% Italian Leather to be worn at work as well as for a walking. Comfort and quality offered by their design, so that everyone can "run comfortably" This company implements a certified quality management system based on the ISO 9001 2015 standard.

COUGARS In 1976, we created a no-nonsense, winter boot for rugged Canadian weather. The Pillow Boot was built to keep feet warm and dry. With soft padded caramel leather and a warm red felt lining, it was made for a country that knew all about long cold winters and shovelling snow. Built to last with its special waterproofing techniques with advanced cushioning technology to make sure your shoes are comfortable and long-lasting.


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