Artisan & Local
Margaret Niemczyk is a Polish-Canadian designer, artist and mother of two children who creates clothing from fine luxury material milled in Italy, France and Germany, found dead-stock and new Eco Friendly Textiles. Margaret's lofty new atelier space located at 61 Elm is a refuge for her dreams to create one-of-a-kind wearable pieces for Eddie Mira collectors.  
A pioneer in female empowerment and an ambassador for "Made in Canada", Margaret is building her brand on the notion of immaculately designed collections, entirely produced in Sudbury, through a small scale 360-degree infrastructure.  We started as a baby-toddler-kids line and have evolved our offerings to serve both women and children.
Aesthetics, Technicality and Well-being 
The DNA of every Eddie Mira piece.  The collection of forward thinking design, timelessness, pattern making, technical construction and finishing, like art, is made entirely by hand in Sudbury, Ontario from A-Z. 
Eddie Mira is a conceptual brand with a mission to provide ethical, functional clothes that celebrate beauty, innovation and craftsmanship while staying mindful of the planet and respectful of the highest standards of the industry. 
From work wear, athleisure, special events, on the plane, date night to evening, lounge, beach wear or at home, all our creations match, overlap and are worn here and there in complete freedom to define a natural and harmonious look. 
Eddie Mira is here to offer you a style that has spirit and great purpose.  Our pieces are clean, minimalist, modern and sometimes quirky. Our clothing is handmade from our own holistic approach; they are thoughtful pieces for those who share our sustainability values, culture and lifestyle.
We are constantly inspired by our own ever-growing distinctive and innovative textile collections.  At the start of each new season, we discover the most exciting finds - from Oeko-Tex Certified Organic Cottons, GOT certified Hemp Bamboo blend fleece to classic Italian Matte Jersey or the finest scuba - and begin to create our own clothing story.  It is the very thing that sparks the ideas and drives the design process. 
"If you know that something is made with the utmost integrity, it's more valuable, and therefor less likely to be viewed as disposable.  My dream is to create a company that does all the homework for our customer on sustainability"