At Eddie Mira, ecology is at the heart of our practice and decisions, It is sewn into our designs.  Making sustainable pieces that span generations, timelessness in our aesthetic, and 360-degree production made in a local area significantly reduces our carbon footprint.  
Choosing existing fine luxury material milled in Italy, France and Germany along with Eco Friendly Textiles offers quality and resourcefulness. We privilege partnerships with businesses that are ethical, sustainable, vertical and family-owned.  Our fabric sourcing is mainly done in Italy, France and Japan as their practices are transparent and in line with our values.  These mills put quality and innovation at the forefront.  Working in the atelier, we are in full control to optimize our process and maintain the lowest waste ratio possible.
We only produce on a "made-to-order" business model right out of our studio as to cancel out over-stocked inventory, thus reducing waste, energy and eliminating sales/clearance inventory.  
Come visit our studio!
Eddie Mira
1375 Regent Street, Unit 8
Sudbury, Ontario
P3E 6K4



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