I aspire to be a leading Canadian fashion designer and hope
inspire new mindful entrepreneurs to build with the planet, arts and commerce.
I was born in Jelenia Gora, Poland and moved to Toronto with my family in 1992.
I graduated from Fashion Techniques and Design at George Brown.  Upon graduating I worked with renowned designer Lida Baday in Toronto as a design assistant and trained as a luxury fabric buyer.  
I have deep ties to city living, but choose to live in a smaller city landscape that resembles my European roots, surrounded by nature.
  As a parent myself, I know we all want the best for our children.
I knew there was an urgent change needed in the fashion industry and I wanted to be a voice for change on the biggest issue facing the planet.  This included a holistic business model that would balance the planet, arts and commerce.
In 2017, I began to build my local clothing brand on the notion of accessible designer collections, entirely produced in Sudbury, Ontario, through a small scale 360-degree infrastructure in the most transparent way possible.  
I created and named this brand after my son, Eddie, and my daughter, Mira.
The Eddie Mira brand is a
comprehensive and highly responsible approach to fashion. 
I take responsibility of the life-cycle of every garment. Every detail, from sourcing to the finishing on the hems, has been carefully chosen to create a harmonious whole, which feels classic but magnanimous.  I am here to serve both women and children.  I offer fittings in my boutique, consultations and alterations so that you will love your garments more and keep them longer.
As an artist, I am forever crafting, moulding and perfecting the creative process while continuously building the infrastructure to house it all. I am a strong believer in craftsmanship and quality over trend.  
We can adopt lifestyle and business choices to reduce our carbon footprint. I believe meaningful change rarely happens without the force and conviction of individuals.  
Education, sharing knowledge and expertise is at the base of my values as I hope to inspire more people to make more progressive choices that better their lives, our planet, local economy and most importantly our kids future.


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